S14 HVAC Panel With AEM 52mm Gauges Angled.

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Custom Interior Fabrication
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This seems to be the most popular piece that I duplicate:



  1. stuffcc says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you use mastic ?
    I made a pretty similar thing on mine, but recently i noticed that painting/mastic was cracked a bit. Maybe I used too much mastic, btw I used finish mastic only, did the soldering with plastic (ABS) and the finish with mastic then painting. I did that in december, was colder. Maybe the quality of the mastic is crap too idk. Sun is heating pretty badly now, cuz before it was fine.
    So yeah maybe you can help me on that, I’m planning on doing the same kind of stuff with the turbo timer and boost controller (the BC is missing still) in the middle part, in place of the ashtray.

    I chose to have a smooth surface tho.

    Info/pics :


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