Kyle S.

  1. kyle says:

    you have to update it from this garbage ass picture.

  2. Marcus says:

    absolutely love the white S13. just got my January ’11 Modified magazine and I can honestly say that i have never seen a more perfectly built S-chassis in my short life. are there more pics an details that can be posted about this s-13, too? i hope to one day be able to build an s-chassis as sweet as yours.

  3. Luke Momodu Jr. says:

    Where can I get more info/specs on the red S13?

  4. Nolan Tan says:

    Talk about Cleeeaan, Whats the Color Code on this ?

  5. Supposedly it was silverstone metallic off of an S2000

  6. Nolan Tan says:

    Thanks Broo , Appreciate it.

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