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I decided to have this on a Saturday this year. Hopefully this will help anyone traveling a decent distance to not have to worry about getting back for work the next day. Or even allow them to get a hotel Saturday night.

When: Saturday October 6th

Time: 10am – whenever

Where: My house… 1101 Canyon Creek Rd. Normal, IL 61761

Why: To give back to the Nissan community. Please show up in a Nissan, Datsun or Infiniti. I’m not handing out free food to someone who rolls up in a Subaru.


  • Cookout — Free food and drinks
  • Forza 4 — [COLOR=”Red”]FREE[/COLOR] Viper alarm system or Alpine radio for the best lap time and best 1/4 mile time(must use steering wheel)
  • Comedy — Make fun of Damon(Greg)… as usual
  • Cruise — Some local driving and fresh air
  • Discounts — 20% OFF attendance coupon good for every product I carry(limit one item). Custom work is exempt!

Please post in the comments section if you are coming so I can get a head count. Include number of guests if applicable. Also post up what kind of grill meat you prefer… brats, dogs or burgers.  NOTE: If you post in the comments that you are attending but then change your mind, please post again that you are not or edit your original comment.

It’s that time of year again! It will be held on Sunday October 16th this time around. Please post on Zilvia if you are coming. If you do not have an account, simply sign up for one just so you can post. Event info and sign-up can be found here:

Sign-up Here!!!


Damon(CamryOnBronze) and I were contacted by Modified Magazine a few weeks back about doing a dual feature on our cars.   This idea was born after they saw pictures of  our cars together at my cookout.  We obviously agreed : )  We then received confirmation that they would be on the cover… very cool.  My car was in Modified in the January 2008 issue.  However, it was a little over a year after I bought it and I didn’t have a chance to really make it my own.  So I am pleased with the fact that Modified wants to feature it again, this time with all of my hard work front and center.  This is Damon’s first appearance in a magazine, so naturally he is happier than a two peckered billy goat.

Nate Hassler flew out from LA to perform the shoot this past weekend.  It was an entire weekend shoot.  Nate was a cool cat!  Someone you would want to hang out with beyond the shoot.  I can’t wait to see the results.  We can’t really post any pics until the magazine is released, but I can post a behind the scenes shot:

All of the guys have been really cool from Modified.  So please go out and buy the January 2011 issue.  This will insure that Modified can continue to put out quality issues every month.  Besides, you’ll get to see Damon’s and Broadfield’s cars together. : )


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Cookout went well.  As usual, only a third of the people showed up that claimed they were coming.  The weather was absolutely perfect for those that came though.

The weekend started out with Damon coming down from Michigan on Saturday around noon.  We washed his ride, which is sick by-the-way, for the mini shoot that Kyle was going to do that evening.  Damon is a cool cat.  I had a good time shooting the shit with him all weekend.  For the shoot, we unfortunately ran out of light a lot sooner than we had anticipated.  However, we did get a chance to try out my new rig for doing rolling shots.  That’s Kyle on the left and me on the right setting it up.

We were downtown Bloomington on the strip where all the bars are.  So needless to say, we had a plethora of college students walking by wondering why in the hell we were pushing a car 1 mph with a weird contraption suction cupped to the roof.

Kyle got some ok shots.  This is only the second time we have tried this.

After the shoot, we cruised to my shop and upholstered Damon’s door cards with Bride material.  I basically showed him the way, then I tried to let him do as much as possible.  We also ordered up Dominos and shot the shit for a couple of hours.

It looks as though Damon might be coming back down in literally 3-4 weeks… but that’s for another post!

I will be holding my second annual cookout for all you local and non-local Nissan lovers. I will be hosting it on Sunday September 12th starting @ 10am. We will grill and hang out for awhile, then do some nice cruising on our local streets and interstates… maybe an individual photo shoot or two if you can talk Kyle into it. I will supply all forms of food and drinks. Makes it easier for those traveling……. no need for coolers etc. All I ask is a simple donation for the cause into the tip jar. My local friends and I are accustom to mature outings, so lets not deter from that. Plenty of fun can be had without being stupid.

Please reply on this thread if you can make it and I will update the list periodically:

2010 Broadfield Nissan Cookout

State how many people you will have with you, if any. Also what kind of grill meat and beverage you and your guest(s) prefer.

All models of Nissan/Datsun welcome!

It has been really hectic the last couple weeks or so.  I had too many things I was working on leading up to the weekend of July 17th/18th.  That weekend was Import Alliance in Nashville.  Every year I set this show as a goal for whatever big project I am doing to my car.  This year was no different with the new wheels, paint work, cleaning up the bay, then a true wire tuck a week before the show.  I also reupholstered my door cards, re-installed my audio system etc.  I had a lot on the table right up to the end.  I was also using this date as a completion goal for Daoud’s car and the 68′ Camaro at work.  So I was basically up working till 3am – 4am every night the last week.  I didn’t meet my goals on either of the last two cars, but finished those up this week.  So now that all of that is out of the way, I can start on my next cluster project, which is the Race Technology setup.  I should be starting that in the next couple days and I’ll be sure to post about it.

Import Alliance was a good turn out as usual.  I think it may have been even better if not for the threat of rain all weekend.  The final count was 4800 imports…… well, and a new Camaro and GTO or two.  A photographer shot my car to be submitted for Super Street while I was there.  I look forward to seeing the pics and the possibility of it being featured.  It hasn’t been in a big magazine since it was featured in Modified Magazine three years ago….. and the car is 100% different since then.  So I am anxious to get back to Import Alliance next year.  I already have my next big project for my car planned out.  For next year I think I might try to get a vendor spot at the event, depending on price etc.