Nate K.

If I had to name thee person that got me interested in imports, it would most definitely be my good friend Nate.  I would say roughly 12 years ago while I was busy building a V8 supercharged Dodge Dakota, he was modifying Civics and Integras.  Nate usually goes through vehicles so fast that it’s hard to keep up.  I swear Alex and him have a contest to see who can own the most vehicles by the time they are 40.  Right now Nate is rock’n the E46 M3.  Considered one of the ultimate mixes of luxo cruiser and performance, it’s a nice balance for us guys that are in their mid 30’s.  However, it’s not quite as easy or cheap to modify as the Japanese imports are.  So I see Nate going back to a Japanese 4-bannger in the very near future.  Oh, this car is for sale if anyone is interested. : )

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