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A good friend of mine and fellow enthusiast is selling his perfect example of a DC2. Dare I say this thing is cleaner than my S13!?! Fully built block, fresh paint… and I’m not talking about your local body shop down the street crap, I mean better than OEM paint. Please check the modification list below. He is asking $18,000. For more information or to make offers, please use this avenue to contact him: Mint DC2 For Sale You can also post/comment here and I’ll make sure to get you in contact with him.


  • 420WHP @ 18psi / 330WHP @ 12psi (Tuned by Dave @ Whip Factory)
  • sc61 turbo
  • Greddy Intercooler
  • AFI ram horn manifold
  • Jun valve springs/retainers
  • Jun cam gears
  • Ported and polished head / decked 30 thousands
  • Wiseco pistons
  • Eagle Rods
  • ARP Head studs
  • MSD Ignition
  • Skunk2 intake manifold ported/polished
  • RC 720 Injectors
  • ACT 4 puck clutch
  • Quaife Diff
  • Neptune software
  • 3 in. downpipe
  • 3 in. thermal R & D exhaust
  • Energy suspension motor mounts

  • JDM metal front end
  • shaved antenna / trunk / side moldings
  • Granada Black Pearl is the paint color
  • Work S1 special edition gold (16*7 / 4*100)
  • Volk Lug nuts

  • Ground control coilovers
  • Spoon front strut bar
  • ITR rear strut bar
  • Comptech Rear Tie bar / sway bar
  • Comptech steel braided brake lines
  • Skunk2 Camber adjustment A-arms

  • JDM Recaro front seats (Black)
  • Itr Rear seats
  • Itr door cards
  • Jdm non – srs momo steering wheel
  • Itr shift boot
  • Alex shift knob
  • Defi gauges (boost/egt/oil pressure/oil temp)
  • plx wide band
  • I am selling my personal Defi gauge setup. This is “thee” original Broadfield Defi cluster, HUD and center vent setup. This will be a direct drop-in for your S13. So the cluster, steering shroud and center vent plate are all ready to swap into your S13. I normally charge $635 labor just for the custom fabrication included in this package. Please ask if you have any questions or want to know how everything is linked together or how it works. Everything is in absolute mint condition… it’s just time for something different with the new LS3 coming.

    Asking $1900 shipped to the continental United States.

    Setup will include the following all in metric:

    Broadfield S13 cluster:
    -Defi Link Meter 52mm EGT
    -Defi Link Meter 52mm Water Temp
    -Defi Link Meter 80mm Tach
    -Defi Link Meter 80mm Boost
    -OEM Turn Signal Indicators
    -Plugs into your OEM cluster sub-harness

    Center Vent Setup:
    -Defi Link Meter 52mm Oil Pressure
    -Defi Link Meter 52mm Oil Temp
    -Defi Link Meter 52mm Fuel Pressure

    Broadfield Custom Molded HUD Setup
    -Defi VSD Concept HUD

    Includes all sensors, cables, Defi-Link Controller II and Defi HUD controller.

    Well here it is, time to sell everything! Copied from my post on Zilvia:

    As you may know, I am getting ready to swap in an LS3 over the winter. Considering nothing from this setup will be utilized for the V8 swap, I want to try and sell it as a complete drop-in swap… basically from the FMIC all the way back to the driveshaft and everything in between. This will be great for someone who is planning on an SR swap and is going to do a lot of top notch aftermarket to go along with it. It will save you a lot money in the long run. Drop it in and go, no tuning needed etc.

    The fist dollar amount represents what I paid for everything. When I bought the stuff, I bought it for the cheapest I could find it at the time. All items were brand new at the time except for the motor and transmission of course. The dollar amount on the right represents a fair used price of what I would ask if I was parting it out. Keep in mind, all parts are in mint condition, as seen in pics. If I can’t sell this thing as an entire package, then I will start to part it out. So these used prices will give you a really good idea of what I will be asking if that time comes.

    With the purchase I will be including a brand new Wiring Specialties engine swap harness for your particular chassis. Mine is very specific to my vehicle and it will just be easier on everyone if I include a new one. I will most likely include the fuel pump(R33 GTR) and radiator fans(Spal) since I will probably need to run something different anyway. I didn’t bother pricing in the little crap like the Turbo XS manual boost controller, new OEM water pump, oil pump etc. Nor the Gallery Fresh dress up bolts, as I feel those are for appearance purposes only and I don’t expect to get anything for them. This setup also has full working A/C with the R134 compressor. It will include the custom lines to work in the S13 chassis.

    So just to give you an idea, I have right at $19,000 into this list. Fair market used value comes out to $12,310. I am asking $11,000 as a package deal or OBO. Please post, PM or email me at: if you have any questions.

    Also, please feel free to post if you have interest in a part or want to call dibs. This will help give me an idea of how much interest I have if it comes down to parting it out.

    • $3500/$2900 S15 engine w/6-speed trans; no more than 65,000 miles
    • $1500/$1000 Apexi Power FC D-Jetro(w/MAP and intake sensors) Tuned for 400whp and 333wtq
    • $1400/$800 Blitz twin disc clutch/flywheel
    • $500/$300 Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft
    • $950/$600 Greddy FMIC
    • $375/$200 Greddy oil pan
    • $690/$350 Greddy radiator
    • $340/$100 Greddy aluminum pulleys
    • $50/$20 Greddy 4” intake filter
    • $550/$350 Greddy intake manifold
    • $550/$400 70mm throttle body N15
    • $120/$75 Tomei N15 throttle body adapter
    • $1350/$950 Garrett twin scroll GT3076R .78 A/R
    • $1500/$1000 Full Race twin scroll manifold
    • $349/$200 Full Race downpipe
    • $220/$130 Blitz downpipe
    • $99/$40 Full Race dump tube
    • $349/$200 Tial 44mm wastegate
    • $219/$130 Tial 50mm BOV
    • $550/$300 PE 850cc injectors
    • $400/$250 Splitfire coil packs
    • $530/$300 Toda 264 cams
    • $225/$100 Toda valve springs
    • $110/$50 PE Kevlar belts
    • $148/$80 Brian Crower titanium retainers
    • $69/$30 Tomei rocker arm stoppers
    • $40/$29 Golden Eagle vacuum box
    • $115/$60 Billet oil filter relocate
    • $109/$60 Samco radiator hoses
    • $350/$200 Hose techniques couplers and t-bolt clamps
    • $30/$15 Custom 4” intake pipe
    • $50/$20 Custom 2-1/4” hot side piping
    • $75/$30 Custom 3” cold side piping
    • $225/$150 T1 crankcase breather box
    • $1100/$600 All custom Earls braided nylon lines w/Earls AN fittings: fuel, pressure, oil, coolant etc.
    • ??? Gallery Fresh anodized bolts
    • ??? Turbo XS manual boost controller
    • $125/$80 Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator w/Earls inline fuel filter
    • $100/$40 Custom short throw shifter w/titanium shift knob


    The following pictures were taken by Nate Hassler of Modified Magazine:

    I am helping a good friend of mine sell his clean S14.

    Please follow this link for all the information:

    S14 For Sale