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Almost all of my KRC product showed up today. I have always loved this stuff…. great craftsmanship, looks sick and will perform at the top. Norm over at KRC had hooked me up a few months ago with an alternator bracket that isn’t advertised anywhere. KRC was actually commissioned to make them for the V8 Supercar series in Australia. He still had some left over and let me buy one. I informed Scottie about it and I think he ended up getting one also.

So today I received their brand new aluminum power steering pump. I guess these new ones are the bees knees. I obviously won’t put it through its paces as much as a lot of guys would, but by the time I would have bought a new GM unit, pulley and reservoir etc, it wasn’t all that much more for the KRC setup… and it looks a thousand times better. I also received the mounting bracket for the pump to bolt directly to the head, their LS idler-tensioner, LS 6″ pulley for the pump and their custom LS AN steam ports for the heads. I also have their surge tank on the way, but it was on back-order.

I love the attached reservoir for the power steering pump:

Bracket on the head:

Mounted up, as about as easy as you can get:

Fixed idler-tensioner:

About done with the front accessories. As stated before, I will worry about A/C probably this next winter. I just need to go pick up an alternator that works with the bracket.

I got a little time to test fit the heater box assembly into the car. And I say test fit because I knew it wasn’t going to fit since I had to hammer the shit out of the front of the transmission tunnel… which it didn’t. The vent for the floor had to be removed. I never have it on floor mode anyway…. and besides, it will still shoot air onto the floor, just not as directional.

I started to cut that angle section out until I quickly realized that section just unclips, bonus…. although I really like to cut shit up.

It actually fits perfect now, barely. Below are the plastic hard lines that I will cut down so there is room for my custom bulkheads inside the cabin. I will most likely need to cut them all the way down to the lip. I will then grind the lip down and the raised bar that forms a “T” with said lip. So that little 1-1/4″ section left over will be where I attach my rubber jumper hoses which will attach to my bulkheads. With it bolted in the car you can see there is plenty of room to work with in there to attach some hoses:

Once I get time I will get the bulkheads coated in black, then mod the plastic tubes and get everything all mounted up.