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Well, this job was slightly unexpected for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s right up my alley. However, the cost for me to do something this tedious is not cheap… and for what most onlookers would refer to as a waste of money. With that being said, I completely understand the customer’s reasoning. Hell, I do the same sort of thing all the time… spend tons of money or time on things that will go unnoticed by most.

So down to it! This customer had a set of S13 JDM window switch plates/switches that he wanted in his S13 USDM vehicle. Seems easy enough, just unsnap/unscrew the switch assemblies from the back of the JDM plates and attach them to the back of the USDM plates. WRONG! The switch assemblies are of completely different design from the JDM to the USDM version. Not only that, the window switch plates have the opposite curve to them since the plates are obviously on opposite sides of the car in JDM land. If you take a look at the images below, comparing the JDM and USDM, it quickly becomes apparent the differences. The switches themselves are also different. The USDM switches(not pictured)are a simple push forward and push back. Whereas the JDM switches are a pull up and a push down style. Which means there also needs to be a “cup’ formed in the plastic in front of the switch. That way your finger doesn’t just poke through when you are trying to pull up on the switch. In the following images, the USDM plates are the ones without the actual switches in them.



So the only way to properly do this was to cut out the section that has the JDM button openings, thus retaining the original JDM button mounting setup on the back. Then hack out a similar size opening in the USDM plates and retrofit the JDM assemblies into them:

The cut out JDM assembly on the right needing to go into the USDM plate on the left:


USDM plate ready for the transplant:


Test fit to make sure I am still on course:



Same with the passenger side:


Next it was time to bond these permanently into place with one of my favorite products… Norton Speed Grip 2-part adhesive. Note: just to get setup with this stuff it will cost a minimum of $100. The glue is very expensive and it takes a special applicator gun to apply it. But it’s so worth it if you need to bond plastic.




At this point it’s time to get it looking good. A lot of rough sanding, shaping, forming, a tad bit of Evercoat Fiber Tech filler, some primer and here you go. Well, some of those steps need to be done numerous times!


My customer also requested a white LED to be mounted in the driver side switch:



Last but not least, some SEM Satin Black Color Coat:




Bare Bay

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Engine Bay, Toby Broadfield's S13
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Got the last of the stuff out of the engine bay… cross member, suspension and all the associated parts.  Kyle came over for a tad on Sunday and helped me drop the stuff out.  Also got the headliner out so I can hopefully, finally get the JDM headliner and pillar panels.  Then wrap the headliner in Bride fabric like I had planned 2 years ago when I did the rest of the interior.


I’m a very organized person when I choose to be… and thank goodness I chose to be on this project. A lot of times when I tear the interior out of a car at work I simply just throw all the screws, bolts, push tabs and whatnot into a magnetic tray. Knowing that I’ll remember where everything goes later. However, my S13 has taken on an all new level of “torn down”. Since there are so many aspects of the car that are apart, I chose to organize and label all the fastener locations as I took it all apart. This should save me a lot of headaches later on.

I have been going back and forth on aero and have finally decided to pull the trigger.  And I figured if I’m going to do it, I might as well REALLY do it.  So I have decided on Version Select version III.  I think this will really help give me that look I’m going for this year.  Ok, I’m F’n with you.  But I really have been considering OEM Silvia aero for the last three years.  It’s very subtle and will lower the overall body about an inch or a little more.  I have always loved the aero bumper, but naturally I need the skirts and rear valances to complete the package.  The aero bumper is fairly hard to find, especially at a good price.  It seems when I do find one,  it’s either $650 + $150 shipping, or it’s a private classified in Cali.  And Cali guys don’t ship…. period!  The Silvia skirts are almost impossible to find.  I always see the 180sx skirts, but those are not going to cut it.  So I finally found some Silvia skirts and rear valances from a guy on Nico Club that has a business where he imports JDM parts.  Very cool, but I am awaiting a quote for shipping to the US.  I figured I would break the bank(since I just spent my load on wheels) and buy the skirts and valances while they are available.  I’ll just hold onto them until I can source an aero bumper for a fair price, or until I give in , and spend too much on one : )