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I want to apologize for not posting in quite some time. I have been busy with anything and everything that doesn’t involve working on my car. So thanks to those that still follow the blog. I finished up some fabrication for a customer over seas. It was my first time working with any of the ARK Designs products… they are pretty cool and have styling unlike anything else out there at the moment. So I removed the vents from the upper section of he HVAC panel and cut the center pillar out. I then adhered a backing plate that would be the home for the ARK products. I molded the plate into the surrounding opening of the HVAC panel to make it look like it belonged there. Once I had the contours correct and to my liking, I cut out the openings for the ARK pieces. This is always time-consuming because it needs to be almost perfect. I always rough cut with a die grinder to get it close then I use a combination of various files and various sandpaper grits to get them spot on. After that some texture coating and mounting the units in place. I only took a couple of progress pics as it really slows me down during the fabrication process:

Some final test fit action:

Finished product: