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This customer wanted a little bit of flare without going overboard. I did a full Speedhut gauge setup with flip-flop color scheme. He needed to squeeze two other gauges somewhere so I closed off the small vents and lower switch areas on the cluster shroud. Then flushed in a 2-1/16″ Speedhut gauge on each side.





The first one is the driver’s door handle/vent trim from an S14. The customer felt that a boost gauge was more important than a door vent… I can’t say I disagree with him:



Next up for another S14, flush mounted Speedhut gauges in place of the HVAC controller:



My true love, S13 goodness. Again, three Speedhut gauges flush mounted in place of the HVAC controller:



Another S13 utilizing some risky gold bezel Speedhut gauges… I love the outcome!



Finished up a batch of clusters recently.  Business seems to be picking up with the release of my new website, Facebook page and the sponsorship I was offering for a short spell.


Nissan S14 cluster utilizing a Stack Cluster flanked by 2-1/16″ Speedhut Revolution series gauges with optional 7-step OEM lens polishing:



Nissan S13 cluster housing an array of Defi BF gauges with OEM lens delete:



1998 Honda Civic cluster utilizing a 4″ Speedhut Revolution series GPS speedo dual gauge flanked by 2-5/8″ Speedhut Revolution series gauges with optional 7-step lens polising:



Mazda FC RX-7 cluster housing (2) 4″ Speedhut gauges and AEM boost gauge:



Nissan S14 cluster using an array of Speedhut gauges… (2) 3-3/8″ and (2) 2-1/16″, also 7-step OEM lens polishing:



Nissan S13 cluster utilizing an assortment of Speedhut gauges, optional LED turn signal indicators and optional 7-step OEM lens polishing:



Nissan S14 cluster using (2) 3-3/8″ Speedhut gauges and (2) 52mm AEM gauges:


Just finished up a customers S14 cluster. It’s hard to believe, that up until this point, I had never done anything but S13 clusters… someone finally stepped up. I think people were afraid to have me do one since I didn’t have any examples of a S14 cluster to show. Come on people, this is me we’re talking about! So onto the cluster:

  • S14 Cluster
  • Flushed Gauges
  • Autometer Pro-Comp Gauges (2) 3-3/8″ and (2) 2-5/8″
  • Turn Signal Indicators
  • Polished Front Glass
  • The Beginnings

    Posted: February 15, 2010 in Non Car Related
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    Well, here it is….. Broadfield’s Blog. I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I’m always building/fabricating something, so this will be a nice centralized spot to showcase the progress and results. This will not be limited to building imports though. This will also be a great arena for discussing car audio, gaming and whatever else floats my boat at the time. Stay tuned for my first planned modifications for the S13 this year.  I will also be going back and doing recaps/write-ups on projects that I have done in the past.  Thee all famous Broadfield Defi gauge cluster and HUD, my interior in general, engine bay etc.

    Comments are welcome!