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A good client of mine called me this week to talk about a system for his Ferrari.  Well actually, the owner didn’t call, his right-hand man did.  I have never actually talked to this client, even though I have worked on three of his vehicles and am getting ready to do his 2010 F-150.  The F-150 will be for his PR/marketing people.  They want to be able to pull up to a college campus and rock out while they hand out product.  One of the three jobs was his limo.  I did a lot of fiberglass work and plenty of audio/video of course.  He was very satisfied with my work and I have now gained his trust for the important jobs.  So back to the Ferrari…. after all it is the reason I’m typing right now.  The only issue I have is I’m not even sure which of his Ferrari’s I’m doing.  Probably the F430 Scuderia…. but maybe his new 599 or 458.  He hasn’t actually decided which vehicle he wants the system in.  Maybe all three if he likes the first job.   So I sent him over a generic system quote for “a” Ferrari.  Pretty much top of the line stuff….. one set of components, two 8″ subs in a custom fiberglass enclosure, a multi-channel amplifier and a CD Player.  Very basic setup, but with a price tag of around $6000 installed.  This thing could be one of the best sounding vehicles I have done in my 17 year career.  I’ll be sure to keep folks updated and with pretty pictures to-boot.