Customer’s S14 Gauge Cluster and HVAC Panel… Utilizing Speedhut Gauges

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work
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Just completed some more S14 interior work last night. A customer of mine bought a complete set of Speedhut Revolution gauges from me and had me retrofit four of them into the cluster and the other three flushed mounted into the vent area on the HVAC panel.






  1. Jeremiah Jaikol says:

    Hi Mr Toby,
    How much a set of speedhut gauges (speedo,rpm,oil,etc )for s14 sr20det, just the gauges and wiring to match in s14 need for custom cluster as i will make it my own in my TA28 Celica

    • Broadfield says:

      A 4-gauge package will range from about $375 – $575 depending on what Speedhut gauge series you want and what options you want within each gauge. For example: all Speedhut series will yield the cheapest price. On the flip side, all Revolution series will cost you on the higher end. You can then choose things like turn signals built into the speedo, shift lights built into the tach and whether or not you need/want a GPS speedo or a standard. Some customers will even mix-and-match different series of gauges since they all look the same anyway… aside from the programming button and warning light on the Revolution series. Please email me through my contact form on my website if you need help choosing gauge series etc. I can then give you an exact quote.

  2. Sebastian Cordova says:

    How much would something like this cost? This exact setup for example?

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