AiM Sports MXL Strada

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Interior, Toby Broadfield's S13
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Received my display yesterday… courtesy of Jeff & Jordan Innovations. Thanks again for the hookup! As most of you know I kind of build clusters from time-to-time, so I’m looking forward to building one for myself to house this bad-boy. It should actually be a bit more of a challenge than the clusters I have fabricated in the past, considering it doesn’t exactly fit into the confines of the OEM housing. But I prefer a challenge over easy… the reward is always greater!

I chose the MXL for a few reasons:

  • AiM Sports appears to be the leader in race displays
  • I like the clean look of the MXL
  • I like the fact that the display is completely customizable via a computer
  • The MXL supports CAN bus hook-up. Which means I can simply wire 4 wires and it will read every sensor off the LS3 ECU. Hookup consists of: IGN, GND, and two CAN wires.
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    1. Toby, please let us know if you need any help or advice when you get the programming the MXL. We are always happy to help.

      Josh Hanrahan
      Technical Service
      AiM Sports LLC

    2. Georgegto says:

      How are you going to get the oil temp readings? Can you add extra sensors on the MXL?

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