Surge Tank

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Powertrain - Components, Toby Broadfield's S13
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I designed a surge tank last week and had my local machine shop fab it up for me. It consists of a billet upper neck with a 1/8″ NPT port for a -4 overflow line. On the upper front a -8 weld-on XRP double o-ring port that leads to the top side of the radiator. A weld-on -4 AN nipple at the top side for the steam ports. Then at the bottom left two -8 weld-on XRP double o-ring ports for a pass-thru from the heater core to the front inlet port on the water pump:

All of the lines mocked up:

  1. Rell says:

    Just a thing of beauty.

  2. Skun says:

    Hi Broadsfield 😉
    All smoth and nice work on this car, but don´t understand this proyect… This car is a demo car right? Because all of these little details in a dayli car will goes dirt inmediatly

  3. Daoud says:

    Parting out my car Toby. Everytime I look at your blog, it hurts. This is just an art. I hope I’m still invited to the BBQ even though I won’t have a 240sx 🙂

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