Nice Update (XRP lines, Chase Bays products etc.)

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Powertrain - Components, Toby Broadfield's S13
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I decided to mount the XRP oil filter above the frame rail on the driver’s side. I needed to mount it somewhere that was accessible and would also show it off a little. Since the brackets for the filter mount using bolts from the rear, I needed to make it so it was easier to unbolt and access. So I am mounting the brackets to an aluminum 1/4″ plate. I will then mount the plate to the vehicle using some nice hardware. I will also powder coat the plate black before it’s all said and done.

Marking the plate for drilling:

Holes for the brackets drilled and counter sunk:

Drilling with a 90 for the plate mounts:

Test fit:

Here are the heater hose bulkheads all finished. Using 1/2″ aluminum at 1-3/4″ diameter. Drilled, tapped and counter sunk for the XRP o-ring fitting. Backside consists of 3/4″ solid rod with a 3/4″-16 thread cut on the front half, then the back half milled to 5/8″ diameter with a hose catch on the end. Then the center drilled out to 7/16″. I then used a black epoxy paint to give it the proper finish. Some washers and an XRP bulkhead nut will hold it all in place.

XRP fitting in place:

Bulkheads mounted:

Mounting the tucked radiator I picked up from Chase:

Again, using nice hardware throughout:

I also received my engine harness from Chase… thing is awesome! More pics of that in an upcoming update.

For now I needed to get the Mil-Spec connector mounted up for test fitment. I decided to go low on the firewall. Since I am keeping the A/C ports on the firewall, there really wasn’t the standard place to mount it. I thought it would look funny running the harness across the A/C lines, above or below them, and have it mounted where the OEM harness comes out. So I decided to mount it where the green marker circle is:

It will fit there perfectly, but I had to fab an aluminum washer for it on the engine bay side. Usually where most people mount it there’s more room for a bigger mount plate, but not for me. So I cut this little booger out of 1/8″ aluminum:

I should have a lot more updates rolling in for a while, so don’t stray off too far;)

  1. Super Sanitary! Love it! I can’t wait to get my boat finished so I can sell it and get another S13.

  2. Paul says:

    Great to see regular updates again, keep ’em coming 🙂

    The attention to detail in your bay is really impressive. That has to be the nicest heater box setup I have ever seen.

  3. Rellz says:

    What kind of fan(s) are you going to run with the Chase Bays radiator?

  4. Oliver says:

    The attention to detail on this car just gets crazier each time you do something. Every little piece of the puzzle is perfect. Definitely keep updates coming, it motivates me to do this sorta work on my own car.

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