Some Minor Welding

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Powertrain - Components, Toby Broadfield's S13
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Got all of my XRP port fittings welded onto the water pump and thermostat housing. I obviously hacked off the -16 threaded male from the thermostat housing to make room for the XRP clamshell port. Then the two -8 ports for the heater hoses.

Upper port welded on and mocked up with a 90 degree -16 clamshell fitting.

I also came up with a bulkhead design for the heater line connection at the firewall. 1/2″ aluminum plate with a -8 straight cut threaded center. Then a 5/8″ round tube welded to the back side. This tube will actually get cut down quite a bit. It will then attach to the plastic tube coming off the heater box on the inside of the vehicle via a rubber hose. I will also need to cut down the plastic tubes as far as I can to squeeze it all in there. I still need to thread the outside of the 5/8″ tube. I will use a large washer and nut threaded onto it to sandwich the bulkhead to the firewall. Lastly I will powder coat the bulkheads black.

With 90 degree XRP -8 clamshell fittings:

Mocked up in the car. Note: I may not use the 90 degree ports… I also have 45 degree ports, straight ports etc. to tryout and see which is going to work best with the motor in there. I just tossed them on there for picture sake.

  1. sillbeer says:

    With those welds, they really stand out, can you give them a quick blast to take the shine off of them? Would love to see the firewall heater connections anodized black too to match the XRP fittings.

    • Broadfield says:

      Hey Brendan, I guess I’m not sure what you are referring to on the welds… that’s a typical aluminum TIG weld. It’s no more shiny than the port that is getting welded on. However, since it’s an aluminum weld, the actual weld can be polished or will dull over time just like any aluminum.

      As for the bulkhead, you may have missed it in my post, but they will be getting coated black like the fitting itself.

  2. George Papich says:

    What kind of welder are you using and settings? I have an old Miller Econo-TIG and am just exploring welding with scraps of mild steel exhaust pipe.

    Are you using 5052 aluminum? AC balance?

  3. Oliver says:

    Looking pretty neat, love the attention to detail bud!

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