XRP AN Fittings Opening Order

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Non Car Related
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I am in the process of becoming an authorized XRP dealer and need to make an opening order. I figure if anyone is in the market for some AN product, this could be a great opportunity for all of us. I have to place an opening order… and the bigger the order, the more I save. Which means I’m willing to pass along those savings to you if it helps me with a larger initial order. Now keep in mind, if it’s something you need right now, then this is not going to be a good option for you. As it will take time to get everyone gathered up that’s in for this and receive payment from those people so I can place the order. This would basically operate as a group buy.

If you are not familiar with XRP, then you need to familiarize yourself! They have EVERYTHING when it comes to AN product. XRP is widely used in professional racing, NASCAR, ARCA etc. They have some very innovative product. I’m pretty sure if they don’t make it, it doesn’t exist. You can download their 96 page catalog here:


If you are interested, please email me at Toby.Broadfield@Gmail.com with the XRP part #’s you need, along with quantity, color etc. I will then reply with a quote and we can go from there. Please be patient as they have thousands of part #’s that I have to search through to get you your quote. I will most likely have your quote back to you within 2-3 days. Please do not request a quote if you do not have any intentions of getting in on this opening order. Once I’m a dealer and have made the opening order, then you can flood me with the standard product quotes.

  1. Geezus, they have EVERYTHING. I was going to go with Earl’s products but I might sit down and take a closer look at the XRP stuff. You might here from me!

  2. Broadfield says:

    Awesome man, hopefully you can join in on this group buy. The XRP product is actually better and cheaper than Earls/Russells… so there really isn’t any reason not to go with it.

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