About Time For Paint

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Engine Bay, Toby Broadfield's S13
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Well, the time is near…. PAINT! I have been sanding on this thing forever simply because the previous owner painted the bay improperly. Remember kids, it’s all about the prep! Whomever painted the bay before I owned it didn’t prep it correctly. So feathering in the edge between the original white paint and the off-white paint that he had it painted in was a real chore. Since it was not scuffed before the off-white paint, it would just flake off when trying to sand it. Some places where ok, so I would just keep sanding until it feathered in correctly. Once I thought it was good enough I would etch primer it. And guess what, the primer would still lift along the edge as seen in the picture below.

So I would have to let the primer dry then sand that area again and try to feather it out further. Total pain in the ass. The bad part is that the areas that were the worst are the areas that are really hard to get to and sand… so I had like 30 hours into just feathering everything out and redoing it several times until it was correct. Had I known it was going to be this way I would have stripped the entire bay down to bare metal before I even welded anything up. However, it’s actually best to not strip if you don’t have to because the OEM E-coat is better than anything you can buy to put on there. So leaving that intact in as many areas as possible is the best solution.

So I officially finished it without any lifting primer and scuffed it all down with a red 3M scuff pad as of 12:30PM yesterday. Which is good because I needed to have it done by 5:00PM yesterday… which is when my good friend Dave came over and shot primer on it for me. He’s the painter at the body shop that I have all of my paint work done at. So he brought some baller Spies Hecker primer with him and shot it for me:

Tonight I will apply a 3M guide coat and block the entire thing down with 500 grit. Then apply the seam sealer later this week. We are trailering it over to his body shop this Saturday morning for paint… so it will be done this weekend. FINALLY!

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