Recent Vehicles At Work: Part 1

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Custom 12-Volt Installations, Toby Broadfield's Work
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In the last month or so I have had some pretty nice vehicles to work on. I must admit that it’s nice to get to work on cars like this. Generally it really sucks, as far as the install, to work on exotics and old muscle cars. But the quality of the nice ones makes me forget about all the difficult bullshit that goes along with the install.

First up, 1969 Camaro! There literally was not one single part on this car, not one, that wasn’t brand new. Every single bolt, screw, nut, body, glass etc. was brand new. I posted about this car awhile back that I would be getting to work on it. I know it has around $200,000 into the build. I did a modest $3,000 system in it for my customer. I wanted everything hidden to maintain the clean stock look that it had going on.

Firebird tail lights:

Rare ZL1 big block… # 005 of 200:

For the audio, I used a an Alpine CDE-123 to head the operation. The car had an aftermarket gauge panel that has a provision for a single DIN radio… lucky me!

All marked and ready for some air-saw action:

Radio sleeve mounted and waiting for some wiring:

As stated, I like to hide the speakers, but not necessarily at the cost of an audibly bad location. The rear deck was pretty basic; maintain the OEM rear deck panel and under mount the Hybrid Imagine series 6×9’s. The metal did need to be air-sawed out:

Interior back in… you would never know there was anything back there:

Time to get a little more creative for the front stage. I like installing 6.5’s down in the fresh air vent in the kick. There’s a huge cavity and it’s solid metal down there for good acoustics… no flimsy metal that will resonate. I simply make a 1/4″ baffle board to cover up the huge oval hole left over from the fresh air vent:

Some Second Skin sound deadening over the baffle and in goes the Hybrid Audio Clarus 6.5″ mid-bass driver:

Next is to modify the OEM kick panels and still maintain an OEM-ish look. Whomever built the car had already cut the plastic section off the back that housed the adjustable vent:

I also came up with an ingenious location for the tweeters that will push them high on the kick, out from way up under the dash and allow me to customize a grille that will flow with the rest of my work. I also cut out the large location where my mid-bass grille will go:

I ground down the plastic lip so that it would angle the tweeter:

Kick panels ready for grilles:

A quick test fit:

Tweeter grilles, start with 1/4″ wood:

Wrapped in 2 layers of grille cloth:

Glued in place:

Test fitting the mid-bass grille that I also cut out of 1/4″:

Finished drivers side kick:

Passenger side installed:

As for the amplifiers, I used two ARC Audio XDi 804’s. Each one is 80×4, which I bridged down to 2 channels to make 240 watts RMS at each speaker. I simply tucked them under the rear deck out of sight:

  1. Man, that really is impressive Tob. Nice work!

  2. Bill says:

    It looks amazing!

    However, if everything is new, is it really a ’69? Not really.

  3. Allen says:

    I love your interior builds. I never knew that this kind of work was even possible. Keep the good work coming.

  4. Om1kron says:

    Top notch stuff dude.

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