Labor Day Weekend Progress

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Powertrain - Components, Toby Broadfield's S13
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After taking the family to our local Labor Day parade, and beating down little kids to get my fair share of the candy, I came home and got some small things done to the car.

Mounted up the Sikky pan. Had to first modify the windage tray so the back of the Sikky pan would clear.

Modified rear section:

New front pickup in place:

Also needed to tap out the OEM dip stick port to an 1/8″ NPT. Sikky provides an 1/8″ NPT brass plug to fill the opening since the dip stick gets relocated to a new location on the Sikky pan:

New dipstick location:

Pan and mounts on:

I also wanted to mock-up the Chase Bays booster delete/brake line tuck. That way I could figure out where I wanted all the fittings and drill the holes in the bay before primer:

The 90 degree bulkhead location for the rear hardline:

Then the inner fender bulkhead for each of the front brakes:

Also contemplating whether I want my battery in the bay with some nice bulkhead fittings or just simply hide it in the spare tire well. I need to be 100% sure before I go drilling big holes for those bulkheads:

  1. Luke Momodu says:

    Lovely job so far Toby! Are you still going to be able to use your curreny wheel/tire set up or are you going to go with something meatier to handle the extra power/torque?

    • Broadfield says:

      I will definitely be sticking with the setup that I have. I already have probably the meatiest tire on an S13 out of anyone out there that still has a “stock” body(non wide-body) and is tucking tire. I would have to go wide body to fit wider… and that ain’t ever going to happen on this body.

  2. Matty says:

    This is looking spot on. Have you thought about putting the battery on top of the tranny tunnel?

  3. Broadfield says:

    As in inside the vehicle?

  4. Luke Momodu says:

    Thanks for your reply, Toby. The reason I am asking is because I am in the process of building my s13 and I had always thought that the widest you could go without a widebody kit was 10.5″. How do you think your wheel setup would look on a s13 hatchback?

    • Broadfield says:

      The widest wheel isn’t what you should be worried about… it’s the tire. Because most people that run 10.5″ wheels probably only run a 245 on it. So the questions you need to ask yourself are: do you like the stretched tire look, do you want to tuck tire, how low are you going to be, what is an acceptable amount of camber to you, are you going for the most dish possible, are you going for the widest tire possible, perhaps a combination of both? Without knowing all of those things there would be no way I could recommend a wheel/tire size.

      And yes, my wheels would look amazing on a hatch.

  5. Luke Momodu says:

    Ok thanks. Its funny because I never asked myself those questions! My answers to your questions are: no, I dont like the stretched tire look; yes, I want to tuck the tires; I only want to lower my car about 2″, I honestly dont care too much about lips and I would want to fit 10.5-11″ without a widebody. The camber that you have on your coupe seems perfect to me.

    • Broadfield says:

      If you want that wide of a wheel(11″) on an S13, with a “fairly” square tire(285) and tucked, then you are going to need a healthy pull like mine. You will also need to notch the lower control arm and hammer the piss out of the upper inner wheel housing. However, if you go with say a 10.5 with maybe a 275, then you may be able to avoid the control arm modification and upper inner wheel housing rubbing. You would still need a pull though.

  6. lowering an s13 2″ is not going to tuck the tire.

  7. Luke Momodu says:

    Ok. Thank you for all of your helpful advice, Toby. By the way, how low is your car lowered?

    • Broadfield says:

      Couldn’t tell you!?! Take measurements from your body line behind the door handle to the ground, then I could do the same on mine and compare. It will be a bit before mine is back on the ground though.

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