Customer’s S13 Cluster, Cluster Shroud and HUD Steering Column Shroud

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work
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Just finished up a pretty baller setup for a guy over in Australia. To start off, he had me make a cluster utilizing Blitz gauges: (1) 60mm in the center and (2) 52mm flanking each side. I also tossed in a pair of the Harley Davidson turn signal indicators. There will also be three more 52mm Blitz gauges in my center vent setup I do, but I haven’t finished that yet.

He still needed a classy location for his fuel gauge and Pivot push button start. The gauge he chose was a digital Autometer. It’s actually a very versatile fuel gauge that I would recommend for the Nissans… it’s completely programmable! However, it’s ugly as sin. So I disassembled the gauge and painted all the white text inside black. I then used a piece of smoked plexi over the front and rear mounted it behind the cluster shroud on the left side. I then flush mounted the Pivot start button on the right side. First I had to remove the OEM switches in those locations then fill and smooth the area. This left me with a perfectly flat area to drill my new holes in. I’ll simply post up some finished pics, but you can follow the link below if you would like to take a gander at the build process.

S13 Cluster, Shroud and HUD Build!!!

Last was the HUD… my standard fabrication that I perform to mold the Defi VSD-X into the top half of the steering column shroud.

I also finished off the bottom half so the top and bottom would have the same texture/finish.

  1. Kevin Green says:

    Could you tell me what brand paint, color, and finish you use on s13 interior parts? Also, have you had any trouble with bubbling or cracking of the paint due from the plastic pieces contracting and expanding?


    • Adam says:

      He’s mentioned that he uses SEM Texture Coat and Satin Black, iirc. With his level of professionalism, if he had problems with the paint I doubt he’d be using it.

    • Broadfield says:

      As Adam said, I use all SEM products for this type of stuff. In the past I used the SEM Texture Coating, but starting with this project, I now use SEM Chip Guard. It’s way easier to apply in a consistent manner. It also does not need top coated if you want a black finish. Both the cluster and HUD are finished with this stuff. For the cluster shroud I used SEM Satin Black as the top coat. I will also use SEM Landau Black if I want a tad more shine than the Satin Black. I have never had an issue with cracking or bubbling. You shouldn’t get that with any paint really. If you do then it’s not prepped properly.

  2. Luke Momodu says:

    Do you still make these panels for people? If so, please email me a price. Thank you and as alaways, awesome job!!!!

  3. Luke Momodu says:

    Im sorry, Toby! I thought I left my email address. I was wanting to know how much you charge for the same setup as above. My email address is

  4. Justin Tanner says:

    Hey champ i seen some of your stuff and really like what i saw. Ive been looking for a custom cluster setup for my S14 for ages? perhaps you could send us a mail and we can have a chat bout some stuff id like done? email is

  5. Jamie says:

    I don’t even know where to start.

  6. henry recinos says:

    i like how you did your cluster i have a 78 corolla and i like to replace the cluster with new gages …my favorite color is blue so i loke to go with blitz gages can you give me a price to do that …………… thank you

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