S13 Stack Cluster

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work
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Holy moly, an update! I have been extremely busy with everything… well, except for my 240. But that should hopefully change very soon. For now, a couple pictures of an S13 Stack cluster I built for Chase from Chase Bays. As mentioned in previous posts, he’s helping me out with some parts for my swap and I’m helping him out too with some stuff for his S13 build.

I laid it out exactly how he wanted. He sent me four momentary buttons to mount in there also. This is also the first time I’m getting to try out these new indicators I found. They are actually for Harleys… and boy do they work perfect for my application. Since Chase wanted the buttons in the cluster, this one will not be getting the clear cover installed back on.

  1. Ryan N says:

    I visited your blog today to confirm if you were still alive.

    Indeed you are. Very cool.

    I need to come down there ASAP.

  2. Chase M says:

    haha @ Ryan N

    Love it!

  3. Great looking cluster, glad to see a new post, but this post presents a huge problem for a nosey guy like me…. I REALLY want to know what the 4 momentary buttons are for!

  4. LS1RX7owen says:

    Wow that looks amazing, I think your attention to detail and processes really makes the end result a show stopper. A friend did similar with a Race-Pak dash in his LS1 FC and it doesnt stand a chance next to your work, wow. Cannot wait to see you get some progress on your project car though, hurry up! Put your kid to work and do some bonding!

  5. Drama says:

    Damn, these are really nice, Toby!

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