Custom S14 Climate Control/Vent Trim Panel Part 4

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work
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I finished the trim panel right before the weekend…. I am really happy with the finished results. As stated in part 3, the only thing left to do was some final finishing work, texture and final paint. I had few tiny holes to fill around where the SAFC plates mount to the trim panel. I sanded that back down and shot it with the final SEM texture coat. Once I was happy with that, I finished it off with several coats of SEM Satin Black

I then used “yellow” hot glue to hold everything in place. This is what some OE manufacturers use to hold things like hard foam on the back side of door cards. The yellow will withstand higher temperatures compared to black or white hot glue. It can then be pealed off with a little effort if something needs to be removed down the road.

Finished results:

My customer also wanted me to freshen up a lot of his smaller trim panels and whatnot. Here are some before and afters:

A shot of some mass painted parts:

My customer and I also wanted to texture/paint the radio trim and shifter trim since they would be in direct contact with the piece I just fabricated. That way the finish would all match.

  1. Outstanding work as always! Is there a place to see more on the car these pieces are going to?

  2. Irish Car Bomb says:

    Yes Installed pics please. Amazing work. For sure coming to you when I get some money haha

  3. Sycobob says:

    Brilliant as always. You inspire me to keep practicing.

  4. Very nice as always, Tob!

  5. Quash says:

    That looks Great!! Might have to send you a pm soon

  6. Matt says:

    Incredible as usual.

    Where did you pick up that SEM Satin Black spray paint? Im DEFINATELY gonna have to pick up something like that for my E30, what a good idea!

  7. Mark says:

    Toby, would you recommended that texture coat and paint for an entire dash? I have a blue dash and I’m wanting it black. Thanks.

    • Broadfield says:

      Actually, since the dash is already textured, you simply need to spray it with whatever color you want. Simply prep it really well with some 3M adhesive cleaner or the like…. then the SEM Color Coat of your choice.

  8. George K. says:

    Hey. what kind of paint do you use for the black pieces? I need something like that done in my DD Passat. Just re finish it. Whats the best paint for that?

  9. George K. says:

    Oops. Sorry I just found my answer in other replies. Thanks. This looks great.

  10. Emanuel says:

    what did you paint that with and get that texture pattern thing going?
    Also, what is that thing called that you used to do the outline for the S-AFC

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