Prepping The Engine Bay

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Engine Bay, Toby Broadfield's S13
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A little bit of an update, but nothing over the top. After 5 weeks of doing nothing, I finally got a chance to get my ass in the bay and start prepping for welding. The standard grinding of all the holes to bare metal on both sides.

I also had the slightest bit of surface rust causing cracks in some areas of the seam sealer. So I decided I would remove all the seam sealer and inspect it, then take care of any trouble spots. Naturally I used a flat blade screw driver to peal away the old seam sealer. I had some surface rust underneath in several spots… as you can see on the top seam:

To quickly remove the surface rust effectively and easily, I used a Speed Blaster sand blaster. I also have the Hot Spot re-collection bag to help collect the media. The other bonus is that the rubber tips that come with the Hot Spot allow you to blast small spots without getting media everywhere. You simply apply a lot of pressure to the surface when blasting and it doesn’t allow media to creep out around the edges of the tip opening.

This picture demonstrates the difference:

Then the finished results:

Since I’m doing a tucked radiator, I also took this opportunity to shave the old radiator mounts:

Battery tray removed and the area underneath opened up to weld in new metal:

The previous owner also had the OEM SR side mount intercooler… so the area was hacked out to accommodate it. I had made a fiberglass plate that covered that entire area and my crankcase breather mounted to it. So it was completely finished off on my old setup. However, I won’t have anything there with the V8, so it will also get fresh metal welded in there:

I also had a little bit of surface rust where the shock tower and top rail meet and are spot welded to a top plate. So I drilled out the spot welds with the proper bit, then used a cutoff wheel so I could peel back the area and gain access to the rusted area.

I had this issue on both sides of the car. So I prepped the metal by grinding it down bare so the rust was completely gone:

Since this area has to be welded back in place, I can’t just spray it with rust inhibitor, then primer, paint etc… because it will just burn up. So I sprayed the area with weld thru primer. This stuff does just what the name implies:

So now when it’s time to weld that back down, the primer will stay intact and protect the bare metal from corrosion again. Then seam seal the area back up and it should be good to go for years to come.

  1. Matt. V says:

    Toby, absolutely dig the build so far and the level of quality, definately an inspiration and hopefully gets a few others to try a little harder with s13 builds……quality seems to take a back seat more often than not unfortunately.

    I know you did this quite a while ago now but you wouldn’t happen to remember what sort of media you used? I’m about to tackle the exact same job with my speed blaster and trying to avoid silica based medias (for obvious reasons)

  2. Matt. V says:

    Appreciate it 🙂

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