Long Block and Trans Ready For Removal

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Engine Bay, Interior, Toby Broadfield's S13
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I officially have nothing left but to yank the motor/trans. Damon and Kyle are coming over tomorrow to help with the extraction. Damon had informed Kyle and I a couple of weeks ago that he would be coming down this weekend. So I tried to time it so everything would be ready for the motor to come out while he was here. I figured he would appreciate getting to help and I could always use an extra hand.

Except for the motor, everything is out of the bay. Once the motor is out, I can start prepping it for some TIG action. I’m picking up a Miller TIG very soon… most likely next week. I have always wanted one and this gives me a really good excuse to finally pick one up. I will be welding up all the holes and whatnot to give the bay a tidied look. I will also be shaving some of the mounts, tabs and battery tray.

In order to weld on the firewall, the entire dash-board also had to come and everything behind there. Which meant I had to remove the cage along with everything else up front.

It has also become apparent that I will be doing an all new chassis harness since everything is out on the floor. I am trying to work with Chase from Chase Bays to try out his new chassis harness. If not, I will make my own. The engine harness is also sitting in this mess, but I will obviously be ditching that for the new LS3 harness.

My basement is where I store all the important parts.

I also snapped a couple quick pics as I was coming up from my basement. One of my dogs was laying down watching me organize stuff…. and he never sits still. He’s a wild man! His name is Wilson and he has a killer goatee.

  1. Ryan says:

    Now its time to do something with that cage. Im thinking full polish to match the wheels?

    DO IT.

  2. LS1RX7owen says:

    Wow this is looking good, nice to see someone with patience working on engine removal. With the bay cleaned up and smoothed over it will be a great jewelery case to show off the new powerplant. I’m in awe of the workspace and organization, very well done good sir!

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