Couple Teardown Updates

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Engine Bay, Toby Broadfield's S13
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Worked on tearing this thing down again this past Sunday… didn’t get a single minute to work on it since my last update. We had 20 F’n inches of snow last Tuesday night. So I shoveled snow all damn day Wednesday. Had it not been for this swap, I would have bought a nice $900 Husqvarna snow blower. I almost did it anyway a couple weeks ago and I was kicking myself Wednesday that my balls were not quite big enough to go through with it. Oh well, that money would of come out of my swap funds, so I’m glad I held strong. I’m also wiring my garage for 220 and installing a sub-panel out there. I’m going to pick up a Miller TIG, sizable air compressor and a portable 220 volt shop heater. So I need to get some juice out to the garage. After 2-3 hours of work, I leave you with my only pic:

Just walked in from the garage tonight… Jesus H. it’s cold out! I really need to get some heat in my garage stat. It was -2 outside tonight and I REALLY did not want to go out in the garage and work. But I sacked up and worked on it for an hour or so. Just trying to get everything off that people are starting to pay for.

Also trying to keep everything organized as I go:

I have been too spoiled working on my car in the past in the shop at work. The heat and size of the space are an obvious bonus. But not having my full disposal of tools sucks sometimes. I have been collecting a decent setup of Snap-On tools in the last couple of years for my house garage, but nothing like what I have at work. So when I went to remove the turbo manifold tonight I hit a dead-end when I went to remove the 12pt. 12mm nuts. I easily got all of them off with a ratcheting wrench except for the last one by the water neck. I need a deep well 12pt. socket on an extension to get in there and all I have at home are 6pt. sockets. So that, along with the cold, convinced me to hang it up for the night. It’s 1:30am anyway and I still need to watch some TV.

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