Finally Getting Started

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Engine Bay, Toby Broadfield's S13
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I’m finally getting back to working on the car. The Christmas rush has kind of passed at work, so I’m not so mentally drained in the evening. As of yesterday, I still had the complete motor setup in the car as I wanted to give any potential buyer the opportunity to come see/listen to the motor and take it out for a spin given decent weather conditions. I’m tired of waiting for someone to buy this as a complete set, so I’m officially paring it out. I figured I’d better get the car in the spot it’s going to sit in for the next few months before I tear it down. That spot would be in the garage at my house. Although my shop would be easier, warmer and all of my tools are there, I chose to do this at my house for several reasons. Since I work a minimum of 6 days a week, it’s hard to get the energy to stay there after work and then work on my on vehicle… that’s just spending too much time in one place. I would also be neglecting my family. If you remember, my wife and I had our second daughter 4 months ago. So by doing this at my house, I am readily available if I’m needed. I can also simply walk out to the garage at midnight and tear into it.

So the first order was cleaning the space. If you are a family man, you probably know what it’s like to have kids and all of the items that go along with having them. I had Power Wheels, bicycles, strollers etc. taking up valuable real-estate out in my garage. So I spent an hour or so yesterday getting that all moved to the basement. I need ample room for getting the motor out with the cherry picker, room for the new motor set, random parts, room for body panels and so on. And since I only have a 2-car garage, this meant that my wife’s car has to stay out all winter in the driveway along with my TL that sits out anyway. So I promised her I would toss on a Viper remote start system to help ease the pain. Winters can get down as low as -15 degrees here and we have the possibility of 20″ of snow tomorrow night. So she is not happy about this whole thing to say the least. But she knows who she married and understands my obsession with building cars.:D This is where it’s going to sit for awhile:

Unfortunately it was only about 25 degrees yesterday, but with the door shut, it was surprisingly comfortable without heat in there. I only had a couple hours to tinker with it, but got most of the AN lines removed, intercooler piping, intake, started to pull the engine harness etc… some of the stuff ready to be sold:

Of course Emily loves to help old Dad and get her hands on a ratchet or wrench. She clearly understands that rule # 1 is: Don’t F up the car.

Kyle came over to help me remove the hood. I didn’t quite trust my wife or my little helper:

  1. sillbeer says:

    Was wondering why I heard a starters pistol go off in my head. Well done Toby.

    And seeing that photo of your daughter reminded me of the shots of mine when I first started on SILLBEER.

    Hard to believe she was only 3yrs old there. She turns 10 this year. I really love seeing cars and family photos, it shows how much they can become a part of ones family.

    Looking forward to reading more, and as much as I’d like to see a VK56VD paired to a 370Z 6 speed, I’m interested to see how the LS lump goes.


  2. Dale S. says:

    How much would you be willing to sell your motor setup?

    • Broadfield says:

      What exactly are you wanting? Be as specific as possible. Are you just wanting the long block and transmission, or just the long block etc.? Are you wanting some of the parts along with it? Just so you know, the long block will come with all of the head stuff. No harness or intake manifold. Everything else is still up for grabs as far as parts… like turbo, manifold, FMIC etc.

  3. Jeff says:

    So you know that I spend most of time after work watching Brazillian fart porn but I do get tired of sitting in my apartment all the time…if you need another set of hands let me know.

  4. toan says:

    been eyeing that catch can for sometime now. is it for sale? if so how much? lmk via email. thanks man.

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