More Customer Work… Lighted S13 Key Ring

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work

I’m beginning to get a lot of custom interior work lined up. I have had just an enormous amount of people contact me about work and then of course never go through with it. Now it seems as though a lot of these people all of the sudden want the work done… even after several months of no communication after the initial email. It also appears that I will be building a cluster for Holley’s S14 demo car… kind of cool. I’ll have more updates on that later of course.

For now I have a simple S13 key ring with retrofitted lighted ring. I’m not sure where my customer got the lighted key ring and shroud, but I can only assume an S14. So he simply wants me to perfectly enlarge the S13 center to accommodate the lighted ring. As you can see in the picture below, the S13 shroud is on the left, and needs to be opened up to match the one on the right:

This is a pic with the lighted ring inserted into it’s original shroud… which is the exact look were going for only with the S13 shroud:

A simple drum sander on a die grinder to get it close, then a combination of sand paper grits to get it perfect. S13 one on the left:

Backside of the shroud:

Finished product and key ring inserted into it’s new home:

  1. Kyle says:

    Is that for your Silvia, bro?

  2. sillbeer says:

    OK, now send it to China to have them make a kit. I’d like one of those, even though I can find me key hole without looking now. May have to try that one at home. Where does the S14 loom plug in?

    BTW, did any of your local S13’s come with cruise control on the manual versions?

    • Broadfield says:

      Well, there is no place to wire it in since the S13 didn’t come with this option. So you simply need power and ground to light it up. You would simply need to decide when you want it to light up. I would probably wire it to the door trigger and add a timer module to it so it lights up for 1 minute or so after the door is opened. Then have it so the light turns off once the timer times out or the ignition is turned on.

  3. Allen says:

    Simple enough, but that is cool as hell. Good work.

  4. Ryan says:

    Cool countertops.

    My s13 is a manual with cruise control. Its a LE hatch. (Not sure if thats what youre asking?)

  5. Hey, I bought one of these like two years ago… maybe I should wire it up…

    Nah, too lazy. lol. Nice work, Tob.

  6. sillbeer says:

    @Ryan, where were the cruise control buttons, were the mounted into the steering wheel or as a separate unit somewhere on the steering column.

  7. Ryan says:

    The controls were on the steering wheel. The on/off button is on the left side of the steering wheel below the headlight up/down switch.

    I have a Nardi wheel so I obviously dont use cruise anymore, but wouldnt mind fabbing something up to relocate the controls.

  8. sillbeer says:

    Yeah, same here. Although for me we never had cruise on any of the Japanese imports as the S13 wasn’t delivered locally. Have spoken with the guru’s at C-Red and they said don’t bother with the S13 cruise control vacuum sender and stepper motor as they were only really for the KA24 NA motor which would have had a decent amount of vacuum. Anything with a turbo and it becomes harder for it to work as once you’re making boost, there’s no more vacuum (I think). So looking at some aftermarket units, obviously finding one that isn’t going to look like ass when it’s mounted will be the trick.

  9. Edgar says:

    Z32s come with these as well, in case you need to look for more lighted rings 🙂

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