Displacement = A Good Thing!

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Powertrain - Components, Toby Broadfield's S13
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Plain and simple:  SR out, V8 in.  I have quietly given this a lot of thought for nearly the last three years.  My goal for this winter/spring is to yank out the SR, fill/shave the bay, respray the bay and drop in some form of a Chevrolet LS V8 plant.


  • I can’t really think of any at the moment


  • More power and torque potential… duh!
  • Huge aftermarket support
  • Really easy to make a clean looking bay… no intercooler piping, breather tanks, AN lines everywhere etc.
  • Virtually the same weight of the SR when you take into account the weight of the turbo, manifold, intercooler etc.
  • Will sound phenomenal… especially since I will run it as loud and as gnarly as I can get away with.
  • Did I mention it will be a V8!?!


Please comment and discuss your thoughts and opinions.  I will first try to sell the entire SR setup as a package: S15 motor/trans, turbo setup, all AN lines, breather tank, drive shaft, stand alone engine management, FMIC etc.  It will literally drop in with all the parts someone needs to have one hell of a setup and no tuning needed.

  1. Jeff says:

    V8 + Buddy Club Spec 2…

    What else needs to be said?

  2. Zack says:

    Well how much will u want for the whole package cause I’ll take it all if u let me know a date that ur selling it by…? Like how soon are ur plans going to take effect and can u ship the parts..?

    Thanx bud!! I want to say good work too!!

    • Broadfield says:

      Well, I’m going to sit down sometime this week and try figure out what it’s all worth. I will probably be ready to sell it all within the next month or so. However, it wouldn’t necessarily need to go that soon. But I would like to probably sell it by February or so. I have a good friend that may be interested, so I would have to give him first dibs. But otherwise it will go up for sale. I will let you know how much within a week or two and find out from him if he’s even interested.



  3. jimcrom says:

    Long time reader, first time responder.

    First, nice blog and car.

    Second, I feel compelled to comment on this topic because I recently read about a potential problem of LS motors in S13s. http://www.ziptied.com/forums/index.php?topic=8230.4695 The second to last post has comments about the LS bending up the front of the chassis. This is most likely due to the way the motor is mounted in the car – solid – and that it is used for drifting. Nevertheless, I thought I should bring up the potential.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. luckyshot66 says:

    I want an LS in my Pearl White PS13 too 🙂

  5. tyler says:

    im kinda sad to see that this immaculate 240 is going to have a american v8 in it. not that i don;t hate them . i love the v8s in 240s, but i like them for drifting purposes. this isn’t a drift car. its one of the cleanest 240s out there and its kept all nissan which is something i do like. its just me but i don;t like the idea of a v8 going into this car. oh well to each his own. good luck still will be interested to see what you do with it.

    • om1kron says:

      I’m all for it, turbo’s are a fucking headache in a half. V8’s are throw it in there and keep oil in it.

      Turbos are replace gaskets, re-tq nuts, replace turbo, oil everywhere, hot.

      v8 plenty of room for a smooth looking engine and air conditioning to boot.

  6. Jay says:

    I’m not for the whole v8 swap but I know your swap will look flawless and I’m sure another magazine feature will be fourth coming lol. Good luck with everything

  7. scott says:

    cant wait to see how yours comes out, everything you got so far is on point..

    @the dude with the chassis bending twisting.. they used solid motor plates on that car, all of the kits use poly bushings, no probs there..

  8. Ryan says:

    I think this should be cool. Its not necesarily what I would do, but I have faith in you and chances are this thing will be bomb as hell.

    Please let me know what you will be asking for the whole package as well. There is a good chance it will be more than I want to spend but at the same time I might be able to make some magic happen. Lets hope, right?

  9. Freddy says:

    Im kinda of a purist( i love same make/different car swaps of course) but knowing your work with the car in the past and present, its gonna change my mind..keep on keeping on with one of the cleanest PS in the World.

  10. (Something about fat chicks)

  11. Sillbeer says:

    I have been thinking the same thing myself recently. Either into mine, or build a separate track oriented car to have the V8 in. I haven’t been thinking LS though, but rather something from the same family. I know there’s not as much aftermarket support for it, but the idea of a VK56VD out of your Infiniti M56 would be my choice.

  12. crazyowen says:

    Man, so glad you made the decision to go LSx motor, theyre fucking awesome setups with the beefy T56 behind ’em. Lots of power, everywhere in the rev range and so easy to mod up with cheap lightly used z06 parts, etc. or go baller and really mod it into a monster of a powerplant. The swaps are so easy now that people have worked out the bugs over the last 5+ years in FCs and S-chassis, etc. Rock on man! Love the car, its just a real beauty.

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