Posted: September 18, 2010 in Automotive Events
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Cookout went well.  As usual, only a third of the people showed up that claimed they were coming.  The weather was absolutely perfect for those that came though.

The weekend started out with Damon coming down from Michigan on Saturday around noon.  We washed his ride, which is sick by-the-way, for the mini shoot that Kyle was going to do that evening.  Damon is a cool cat.  I had a good time shooting the shit with him all weekend.  For the shoot, we unfortunately ran out of light a lot sooner than we had anticipated.  However, we did get a chance to try out my new rig for doing rolling shots.  That’s Kyle on the left and me on the right setting it up.

We were downtown Bloomington on the strip where all the bars are.  So needless to say, we had a plethora of college students walking by wondering why in the hell we were pushing a car 1 mph with a weird contraption suction cupped to the roof.

Kyle got some ok shots.  This is only the second time we have tried this.

After the shoot, we cruised to my shop and upholstered Damon’s door cards with Bride material.  I basically showed him the way, then I tried to let him do as much as possible.  We also ordered up Dominos and shot the shit for a couple of hours.

It looks as though Damon might be coming back down in literally 3-4 weeks… but that’s for another post!

  1. Kyle says:

    Next shoot we do..we’re going to have like a where’s waldo type thing. Only instead of waldo, it’ll be jeff (powerstancing of course). Damon’s idea..and baller.

    Oh and fat chicks. (It’s required to post something about fat chicks in your comments section, kind of like those anti-spam things where you type in the random letters.)

  2. Jeff says:


    I don’t appreciate someone else stealing my thunder and bringing up fat chicks! Not cool dude!

    A little bird also told me why Damon’s emo-pop-hipster-fixie ass is coming back down…

    I can’t wait to party like these two dudes!

  3. LOL, you guys are awesome. Thanks again for the hospitality! It was great to check out the cars in person and learn so much about metal and power stancing. Not to mention the introduction of Skadoosh to my vocabulary. I am stoked that I get to head back down there again so soon! It should be a good time for sure…

  4. Jeff says:


    Just so you are aware, its spelled S-K-I-D-O-O-S-H. Unless the event being referred to is so epic that skidoosh with an I cannot properly convey it’s awesomeness, only then is S-K-A-D-O-O-S-H with an A to be used…

    Sorta like singular and plural if you catch my drift.

  5. Ah, good to know. It must be something with my northern dialect, LOL. Is “skERdERsh” also an acceptable variant?

  6. Kyle says:


  7. Kyle says:

    This comment section is like a tome of ancient PWNTacular knowledge

  8. nismo180 says:

    God I love those cars, and you guys.

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