First Day Of School

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Non Car Related
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Today was probably one of the top events in my life to date… dropping my little girl off for her very first day of school. She is 4 years old and started preschool today. I walked into the building and waited for her class to all walk down to the classroom together. She didn’t really want me to leave yet, so I walked her down to the classroom where she put on her necklace name tag from her cubbyhole and then had to stand in line in front of the teacher. She was good at that point and gave me a hug and kiss good-bye. Emily is pretty shy, so it’s nice that her buddy Caden from daycare is also in her class. Here is a picture that Caden’s mom took of them after class was out.

I don’t know man, he looks sketchy.  When she gets older, I’m going to have a very difficult time letting her leave the house with anything that has a penis.

  1. sillbeer says:

    Dude, a great achievement. I’m lucky that my daughter has an older brother, and we’ve agreed to give any potential suitor right hell come that time. Still a few years off for that though so plenty of time to plan and scheme.


    • Broadfield says:

      Yeah, good call Brendan! Unfortunately for me our first is a girl, and now our second that is almost here, is also a girl. Looks like I need to stock up on some guns : ) Nothing scares a young, horny teenage male more than when the girls’ father answers the door slinging a shotgun over his shoulder.

      So how is your S13 holding up? Anymore plans for it?

  2. sillbeer says:

    Car is holding up great. It did get its engine rebuilt recently (long story), and now going strong again. Unfortunately the people who did the paint didn’t do as good a job as hoped and it’s starting to split along the hood/bonnet and trunk/boot edges. I’ve been so busy with work lately though that I really haven’t had a chance to lean on it at the track. Still, it’s getting used for any daily work I need to do (which is rare as I work from home) and taking the kids to their respective extra curricular activities. Kids like it because the music pumps!

    No more plans for it at the moment, but dare say it will need a full back to bare metal respray before long.

  3. Damon says:

    Very cool man! I lol’d- he looks sketchy for sure…

  4. Drama says:

    Nice, man!

    My dad feels the same way with my sister now lol. My sister’s entering H.S. next year and my dad’s getting a little strict now. Any bf my sister has, my dad hates them automatically.

  5. Daoud Sangwa says:

    LOL. I bought my shoguns the day I knew my wife and I were going to have a baby girl. It looks like I will jump on the same boat. I will automatically hate all boygriends she will have. That’s very funny.
    Toby. My front tires are already installed. See you this Sunday. I will do my rears next week after I replace my rear toes, so I can get an alignment done.
    Hey Sillbeer. I haven’t seen any updates on your blog for a very long time.

  6. sillbeer says:

    Yeah, sorry about that. My blog was originally published out of Blogger onto my own web host, but they stopped that service and haven’t got around to getting something setup myself. Carpenters disease really, I’m a web designer and developer so my own website takes a back seat I’m afraid.

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