I figured I better post up some pics of the car and wheel fitment before an angry mob comes and burns my house down. I am always hesitant to post pics because I’m used to the quality of what Kyle can do. Taking build pics and my fabrication at work is no big deal, because well….. they are build pics. But these are like “finished” pics. They deserve someone taking them that is better than me. However, it is just a blog. So here are some average pics after I washed it this evening. I must also say that it is very satisfying washing it for the first time after all of the hard work…… although it doesn’t really look like I did much.

A simple side shot to show stance. I need to go a smidge lower in front…. I’m talking like 1/4″ or so.

Rear fitment…. I likey! No stretched crap here. 18×11 +30 with a 285/30

Front fitment….. overall pretty happy. The fenders came out nice. They are not perfect like the OEM, but they are damn close! 18×9.5 +12 with a 245/35

Front bumper with the license plate holes filled.

Tucked bay: As mentioned in a previous post, I have some more goodies coming next week.

I guess that’s enough for now. Stay tuned for some new bay pics once my shipment arrives next week. Then it’s off to Import Alliance in Nashville a week from today!

  1. Jeff says:

    Now THAT is fucking fitment! Every 240SX owner needs to look at your car to understand what it really means to fit low offset, aggressive wheels onto a car!

    Dave would be so proud!

  2. Looks great Toby, I can dig it! Love the bay as always… I was really hoping to make it down to IA, but it is the same weekend as my wife and I’s anniversary, so I will be a no show yet again. Would have loved to see this beauty in person!

  3. Rush says:

    Thats beautiful!

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