Work Is Good

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Custom 12-Volt Installations, Toby Broadfield's Work
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I have another cool little work project that was dropped off today.  I will be installing a simple, respectable system into a nice 68′ Camaro.  The car just came out of the paint shop.  It doesn’t have any interior panels except for the seats and dash.  I told the customer to leave the other stuff out to make my job easier.  I will be doing a budget minded system, then a little custom work to go along with it.  To start off I am doing a set of Hybrid Audio Imagine series in the kicks and another set in the rear deck.  I will be fiber-glassing an Alpine iXA-W407 double DIN into the dash.  The center dash area that is a simply fake wood grain sticker now, will be fiberglass and painted body color.  Then finishing off the trunk completely with my own fabricated side panels, back panel, front panel(the subs will be behind it) and a false floor where the amplifiers will be under plexi.  Then he will be coming back for me to fiberglass a center console to tie in the fiberglass piece I do for the double DIN.  I think the center console I’ll do a combination of body colored fiberglass and black leather.  Here are a couple of pics to get you started…. then the usual picture folder which I will be updating by the end of the week: Larry’s 68′ Camaro Audio System

  1. Daoud says:

    I can’t wait to see what you will do with this beast.

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