Another Cluster Customer

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work
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I’m pleased to announce I have another customer for a custom cluster setup.  This one will be completely different, but an overall simple look.  It will be an S13 cluster with a Race Technology Dash2 in the center and a Nordskog air/fuel gauge flanking the left side.

Since it’s recommended that the driver have a 12 degree raised angle of viewing from the Dash2, I will need to counter sink the bottom of the Dash2 into the plate I make.  So this will be a little different than the standard flat gauge panel that I usually make.  Which means something different, so I am excited.  I will probably have a tad bit of fiberglass involved in the cluster.  That way I can sink the Dash2 back in but not have hard edges that flow down to it.  Nothing too crazy, but subtle so it doesn’t take away from the basic and raw look that the customer and I want to achieve.  I will be starting this project once Daoud’s car is finished and I am back from Import Alliance in Nashville…… so about the 3rd week in July.  As usual I will have a build folder for picture viewing.  Oh hey, what do you know, I already have it setup with some prelim pics:  Scott’s Dash2 Custom Cluster Please feel free to check back in a month to see the start of it.

  1. kyle says:

    whoa mr. new theme here. nice.

  2. Jeff says:

    Yeah…a new theme is always cool if there is a Megadeth reference! What the fuck man…if no Dave, at least a reference to my huge cock and my love of fat chicks!

    • Broadfield says:

      Hey, if you want to run the show, then get your own damn blog! I thought you were in the process of starting up a blog anyway? What was it……. oh yeah, Fat Chick Central!?!

      You get that job yet? What the hell is going on, I need details.

  3. Jeff says:

    Haha Fat Chick Central…don’t give me any ideas!

    I kind of figured Kyle would fill you in seeing as how I told him the deal over a week ago. I’m got the team lead position down there so I’ll be working down there by July 19th, the Monday after we get back from IA. The only problem is that Ironwood Gardens won’t have any apartments open til the first week of August, so I’m going to drive from my dads most days and probably crash at Kyles or Bonnies on occasion when I have to work back to back.

  4. Scott says:

    WOW!! Man I love following the construction and thought process of the cluster. There is no way I could produce something like this with my skill level/tools. Im not worthy lol.

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