I’m Back

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work

Jesus time flies by in my life.  It’s been two weeks since my last post…… I swear I posted that last one a few days ago!?!?!  I have also been a little sick the last few days, so I have just been gutting it out at work.  As usual I have been busy on my car.  I got everything back together and on the road…. it’s slammed and sick!  No pictures yet, but soon.   I am very happy how everything turned out with the final fit of the fenders and the wing that I added to the trunk.  Yes, I said I added a wing to the trunk!

My other baby at the moment, Daoud’s car, has been taking up the remainder of my free time.  I’m in the process of trying to get his DCC swap figured out.  The install on the DCC is actually really easy, but it’s not actuating the motor when I adjust the temperature on the DCC.  So since my car is back on the road, I took it to work and did a little testing with the DCC out of mine.  My DCC does the same thing in his, and his motor and DCC work fine in mine.  So that simply means it has to be something in the JDM sub-harness that he has.   So I should have some time this weekend to get that figured out.  I’m also swapping all of his bulbs in the DCC and any other illuminated switch in the vehicle over to green LED’s.  The LED’s should arrive late next week….. then I can start slapping all of the stuff back together.

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