Posted: June 7, 2010 in Engine Bay, Toby Broadfield's S13
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For the last couple of weeks I have been slowly working on the 240.  I took in the panels the day after Memorial day to get painted.  The fenders are the only thing that needed full paint.  The bumper, hood and doors went in to get blended.  I will be lowering the car more on the new wheels, but had to buy some Stance coilovers to accomplish that.  The Cuscos that I had would not go any lower.  I also had to make sure the driver and passenger side fender harnesses were tucked up out of the way.  When you lower a 240 to a certain point, the wiring harnesses become the first concern.

The other concern is the drivers side exit for the harness.  It basically exits right behind the drivers wheel.  And if you are low and run a fairly wide tire, the harness will get rubbed during full lock.  So I removed the OEM grommet, moved the harness all the way to the top of the hole and made my own plate to seal it back up.  I was able to move it up a little over 2 inches and it exits at a steeper angle…… so it doesn’t stick out as far.  Once I’m sure that I am done with that area, I will seal up the gaps with 3M strip caulk.

Since the car is obviously not drivable, I took this time to do some other things I had been wanting to do since last year.  I moved my Defi controllers to the glove box, cleaned up the wiring behind the radio and pretty much everywhere else in and on the car.  I undercoated the piss out the front clip, under the car and the rear wheel housings.

I also cleaned up the fuse box area and all of the wiring associated with it.  Two years ago I did a wire tuck on the engine bay.  I was kind of in a hurry, so I simply “stuck” the fuse box up behind the wheel well liner, along with all of the wiring, distribution block etc.  At that time I didn’t even have the bumper or fenders off, so I didn’t exactly have the best access to do it properly.  It was an embarrassing mess that I just didn’t want to dick with.   Now that I have all of the panels off,  I took this time to remove any and all wiring that was no longer needed.  Then made a nice spot for the fuse box to sit under/behind the passenger side headlight.  I simply need to make an aluminum mounting bracket for it and it will be good to go.

As it sits today, I am pretty much ready for the panels.  So hopefully this thing is back on the road by this weekend!

  1. Jeff says:

    Kyle told me you had been hammering away on this thing. He wasn’t kidding! I really need to head back down again. Hopefully everything goes to plan and I’ll be down there sooner than later!

    • broadfield says:

      Yeah it’s going pretty good man! I keep asking Kyle if you’ve heard anything about getting transferred down here. Like I said, let me know if you ever need anything!

  2. Jeff says:

    I talked with my buddy Matt, they just started doing interviews for the position, which is the last part before they make a decision. The managers down there really want me back whether or not I’m a team lead.

    I’m calling down there tomorrow if they don’t call first and asking them what the fuck’s up. I know that they don’t know about me fucking fat chicks, so they can’t hold that against me!

  3. Wow, looks pro! I’ve gotta do some similar stuff to my car this week as the motor goes back in. High quality as always!

  4. Daoud says:

    You’re a work horse man. How many projects are you tackling at one time?The attention to small details on all of them, a pregnant wife , and a little girl, the car wash helper.I give you props for that. I feel like a have more than one full time job with the little one at home, but the joy I get out of her is priceless.

  5. Andrew says:

    Just wondering, what kind of jack stands are those?

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