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Posted: May 19, 2010 in Custom 12-Volt Installations, Toby Broadfield's Work

Jesus, this Mr. X guy is out of control.  I received a call today asking if I could do a system in his boat that is being built.  I said of course, if it floats, drives or flies I can put a system in it.  I did a killer install in a 42′ Formula for another customer over the past several years.  My customer keeps having me update and add more things over the years.  This so called Mr. X is getting a 388 Skater.  This thing will have twin 1100hp Sterlings and will be capable of 150 mph+.  I actually hate working on boats, but I’m pretty thrilled to be working on this one.  I’m not exactly sure when it’s going to happen, but I’ll keep everyone in the loop.  Here are some pics of a 388, not his though….

  1. Jeff says:

    Are those Spoon engines with T66 turbos, NOS and Motec system exhausts?

  2. kyle says:

    not a bad way to spend 10,000 dollars..

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