Filling Some Fender Vents

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Exterior, Toby Broadfield's S13

As I’m sure most of you know, I wouldn’t be caught dead with vented fenders on my car.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why all of these wide fender manufacturers feel it necessary to have vents on their fenders.  While I had the fiberglass mat and resin out, I figured it would be a good idea to strengthen most of the fender mounting locations.  Another issue of mine is that with most of the product I buy, I feel it could be made better by some modifications/adjustments by me.  So I added 3-4 layers of mat and resin to the aforementioned areas.  Then trimmed the area and re-drilled the mounting holes.  I wanted to make absolutely sure that the mounting points were nasty strong.  I’ll be cranking down on these mounting points to make sure everything lines up and sucks together.

Time to move onto the vents.  Cut the vent sections out, but left the vertical areas for support until I had the area solid with fiberglass.   Next was to seal off the front with some plastic and cardboard for support.  Then simply add multiple layers of mat and resin.


Before I added another couple layers of mat to the outside, I went ahead and ground down the wheel arch inner lip to mimic a rolled lip on a metal fender.  I then went ahead and added that fiberglass to the outide.  After that I hit it with 24 grit and then did some body filler action.  Last thing was to cut out those vertical vent areas on the backside

  1. Ben says:

    you know i’m a ricer but damn it…i loved the vents! anxious to see without…

    • broadfield says:

      I would also say you are gay, but you have a new baby that proves otherwise : )

      Do you really like the vent style? I wouldn’t of thought of you as a vent guy.

  2. Jeff says:

    I wish I was still down there to see how they turn out instead of having to wait for you or Kyle to take pictures then upload them a week later!

    • broadfield says:

      Wow, that hurts man! You know, I don’t have a bunch of free time to waltz around the town and sample the big girls like you do. The pics will come when the pics come.

  3. Jeff says:

    I will destroy you Toby when your vaginitis clears up! Get Greg to sell me his Fanatec wheel setup and I’ll show you how dudes who fuck fat chicks really race!

  4. mateo says:

    What kind of filler are you using? The green stuff?

    • broadfield says:

      That would be Evercoat Rage. It’s what most of your body shops use. After that the entire fender got a wipe of Metal Glaze filler, then blocked down. After that a coat of spray polyester filler over the entire fender to get it absolutely perfect, then blocked down again.

  5. Nick says:

    Is it still holding up? And can this method be used to shave my front license plate holder from my kouki bumper?

    • Broadfield says:

      Absolutely, 100% prefect. I wouldn’t recommend this method on anything but fiberglass. So if your bumper is plastic then you would want to plastic weld it closed. I would use the 3M semi-rigid plastic repair… nothing better.

  6. Om1kron says:

    Damn I searched all over for this, I am thinking of ordering some chargespeed fronts myself and doing the same thing and ditching the vents.

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