Got the tires mounted on the wheels last Friday and finally found some time to test fit the ChargeSpeed fenders and the wheels.  I’ve been busy with the Halo Reach beta….. priorities!  Kyle stopped by and figured he would shoot some action shots of yours truly.

Getting the OEM fender ready for removal.  I kept the fender liner as I will be modifying the front and back lower sections to put back in the wheel well.

When I first laid hands on these ChargeSpeed fenders, I was amazed at the quality.  Everything on this fender, the mounts, the shape, the edges, the fit are exactly like OEM.  Even the area behind the corner lamp, the lower main mounting points  and the main top fender bolt mounts etc. have the waves in it just like the OEM metal.  They are exact replicas of the OEM sheet metal.

Time to mount up the wide fender.

These things fit like OEM…. no lie.  The first thing I did was bolt up the bumper with only one nut.  You can see in the pic below how it fits like OEM….. with only one nut at that.

I didn’t bother with installing the bolts by the door.  I could tell by pushing the fender in that it was going to line up just fine.  Slapped a wheel on and jacked it up a little to see how flush it was going to sit.  Perfect!  I will be getting new coilovers so I can go lower though.  Which is a shame, because the Cuscos I have on there are arguably one of the best street coilovers made.  I’m gonna have to step down in quality, probably Stance, just to go a little lower.

So now that the test fit passed my standards, it’s time to take this one off and get them both ready for paint.  I need to shave down the wheel arch lip and fill the vents closed.  A good amount of blocking the fenders down to get them perfect and they’re off to the paint shop.

One of the highlights of the night was this cheap aluminum race jack I bought from AutoZone.  It’s a pain in the ass to haul my big Matco jack home from work.  So I bought this Duralast aluminum jack, which was still $129, but cheap for a full aluminum jack.  Much to my surprise,  it has LED’s flushed down in the cup.  They actually work very, very well.

I about forgot that I snapped a pic of one of the rears.

  1. Very cool! I think those fenders will look great, especially with the vents filled. Awesome as always!

  2. s15specR says:

    Are you using overfenders on the rear of this car ?

    Also do you mind sending the link to the build thread you had on zilvia, I’m having a hard time finding it.


    • Broadfield says:

      No over fenders on the rear, just a 25mm pull. I don’t have a build thread per-say on any forum. That’s what this blog is for! Are you thinking of my gauge cluster or interior threads on Zilvia?

  3. robby says:

    whats the part number for that jack email me thanks i realy need that number

    • Broadfield says:

      There is no part number on it. But like I said in my post, it’s an aluminum Duralast from Autozone with LED’s in the cup… I think that pretty much narrows it down for ya : )

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