I have been really busy working on the Ferrari for about a week now. Unfortunately I don’t always get to work on it all day. I get busy answering the phones, helping my salesman with customers and helping my other installers with problem vehicles. Also, this type of vehicle simply takes three times as long because of what it is. It just isn’t as easy as working on a 2000 Camaro. My other challenge is that I could not permanently modify anything in the car. So it took a lot of planning and ingenuity to accomplish my goal. As of today, I have everything done except the fiberglass enclosure. Today I laid the first coat of resin on it before I left work. I’ll start laying fiberglass mat tomorrow.  Please feel free to check my Fotki account for a complete array of build pics….. Ferrari F430 Spider System Build Pics

Custom Door Speaker Adapters w/Integrated Grill

Integrated Amplifier Rack In The Boot

Custom Fiberglass Enclosure

Skeleton Before Stretching Material

Stretched Material Ready For Resin

I will update with the finished pictures of the enclosure.  It should be done Thursday.

Ferrari F430 Spider System Build Pics

  1. Jeff says:

    Hey…do you…ummmm…think a fiberglass enclosure would fit on my bicycle? I’ve already got some small speakers hooked and taped on but I want some subwoofers.

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