13″ Of Love’N

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Non Car Related
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Uhhh yeah, I’m not that well endowed….. but Kyle’s car is now!  Cruising the Zilvia forums months back, Kyle and I noticed the “Dream Stick” advertised by the guys over at Touge Factory.  It was so ridiculous, that I told him if I bought it, he had to run it on his car.  His birthday was also coming up, so a couple of our friends pitched in a few bucks to help me out.  I called up Touge Factory and talked to Scott.  I told him that I needed to order the Dream Stick.  He just starts laughing out loud and tells me how ridonkulous the thing is.  I told him it sounded perfect.  Of course I had to make sure to tell him that I wasn’t actually ordering this behemoth for myself.  Just in case he recognized my name, I didn’t want him to think “what the hell is Broadfield doing?” : )   So I tell him that I was getting it for my friend’s birthday…. then he starts dying laughing again.  He’s like “dude, my friends just bought that damn thing for my birthday last week too!”  So we got a kick out of it.  A couple days later this thing shows up at my shop and I whip it out of the package.  This thing looks like something The Hulk should be sporting.  I mean, it’s 330mm…… for the love of God.  So I guess I’ll let the picture speak for itself…..

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve been sitting here and I can’t come up with anything witty or dirty to sum up how awesome that thing is!

  2. Damon says:

    LOL, awesome…

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