Posted: March 10, 2010 in Non Car Related

Ok, this really chaps my ass.  My friends and I have been playing a lot of COD lately.  For those that do not know, it’s a military warfare based first person shooter.  It’s very realistic and takes place on various maps from urban, to desert and jungle type locations.  We play a game type called Hardcore Team Deathmatch that is 6 vs. 6.  Basically it’s one shot kills, no radar, no HUD or anything.  Scoring is the first team to 75 kills or the team with the most kills when the time expires.  My play style is trying to have the best kill/death ratio.  I mean, it’s a deathmatch game, right?  So even if you go 3 kills and 2 deaths, you are still helping your team because you went positive.   My friend Kyle just likes to get a lot of kills.  So he may go 25 and 5 or 22 and 22….. you just never know.  I on the other hand  like going 9 and 1.  So I usually “camp” a small area and hold my own with an M16, shotgun and a claymore…. all while keeping in contact with my teammates.  So on to the point of the post.  At the end of the match, both teams go back to a pre/post game lobby and wait for the next match to start.  It never fails that some guy on the losing team bitches that we were camping.  I mean, it gets ridiculous!  It’s an F’n combat game with maps that are designed with heavy cover and hunkering down.  They are truly butt-hurt that we are not just running down the middle of the street like they are.  Since when were there rules to killing anyway!?!  It’s really difficult for me to put into words how stupid it makes them sound.  So my comment in the lobby is always “so how do you want me to play?  Do you want me to just run around like an idiot and die a lot like you?”  A couple of my friends that play with us, that actually fought in Iraq, always say “well, it(camping) seemed to work pretty well in real combat!”  And the thing is, this is always the losing team that’s doing the shit talking.  Please comment on what you think.

  1. haha, that is pretty annoying for sure. I sometimes camp and stay in the same spot for most of the match, but I usually try to move around to a new location once in a while. I kind of get bored just sitting in one spot, unless it proves to be a really high-traffic area. It’s all for fun though, so in the end it isn’t really a big deal.

    I always mute everyone except for friends I am playing with when I am in the lobby, before the match even starts. That cuts down a lot on the annoyance and keeps it fun for me, haha. I assume from your Halo post that you play on Xbox? I am on PS3, otherwise we could play, lol.

  2. David says:

    I haven’t played in a long time, but I am pretty good, i have like 25% accuracy, and 1.8 KD ratio. You should e-mail me your XBL tag or post it up here and if I start playing again ill try and game with you.

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