2nd One

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Non Car Related
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I stated in an earlier post, that although I had sourced the Silvia skirts and valances, the actual purchase of the aero might be on hold.  It looks like the funds just might not be there this year for it.  I am starting a new project, and it’s going to put a serious hurt on my wallet.  Now I’m pretty sure a lot of you are thinking to yourself “I wonder what kind of car Broadfield is building now?”  Actually, it has nothing to do with a car.  But it has everything to do with my wife and I having our 2nd child.  So I will be finishing our basement for more room.  I want to add a 5th bedroom, a 4th bathroom and my new “man room” in the basement.  My current man room upstairs will be turned into the new baby’s room or my 3 year old daughters new room.  Which will all work out for the better, in every aspect, except for the cost.  Luckily I always do all of my own work, so I’ll save a bundle on labor…. but it’s still going to cost a tad.  So if there isn’t OEM aero on my car by the end of this year, it isn’t because I scrapped the idea.  It will just have to wait until next year.

  1. Jeff says:

    Congratulations Toby!

  2. Daoud says:

    Congrats man! I just had my first one. It looks like you’re ahead of the game “Camping”.LOL. Good luck with everything man.

  3. Congrats Toby, that’s awesome! Obviously a much more important project. 🙂

    • broadfield says:

      Indeed! My little girl now means everything to me. I would give up the 240 and everything else in a heartbeat for her. Hopefully we have another girl this time around.

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