It’s About Time

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Custom Interior Fabrication, Toby Broadfield's Work
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Ever since I fabricated my gauge cluster/HUD and all of the other goodies, my inbox gets flooded with people wanting me to fabricate one for them.  I get phone calls and emails from all over the country.  However, once I tell them how much it’s going to cost them, all communications come to a halt.  Maybe they think I just sit around all day with nothing better to do, and that I should make one for the price of a Subway sandwich!?!  And it’s not like I’m quoting them some uber high price just because it’s custom.  Actually, it’s quite the opposite.  I know most 240 owners don’t have money.  So I virtually cut my custom labor shop rate in half.  Because it’s not like I do this exact type of work daily at my shop… so I give them a deal.  You figure If I have 6 hours into making the gauge cluster, then that’s 6 hours @ $55/hr….. so $330.  I usually quote around $150 – $200 for the cluster…. not bad if you ask me.  However, I never get a single prospect to go through with it…….. until now!  A guy I met last year, Mr. Sangwa(awesome guy by-the-way), dropped his S13 hatch off today to let me do my thing.  We’re talking full cluster, HUD, vent gauges, fuel gauge in the center console, JDM digital climate control swap, clean up his engine bay, double DIN Alpine w/navigation….. I think that’s about it.  So congrats to him for being the first recipient of a Broadfield Cluster.  And I thank him for trusting me with his car.

  1. Jeff says:

    If I bring you a fat chick, could you customize her just for me?

  2. Jeff says:

    Dude…you read my fucking mind!

  3. AA says:

    Any pics of his ride?

  4. I’m really hoping to be the second. 🙂 Let me know when things slow down a bit for you and I can get my stuff ready to go. I still haven’t found a better solution for the fuel gauge/speedometer, but I’ve been searching a lot and racking my brain for ideas. Can’t wait to see how this cluster comes out!

  5. Felicianod83 says:

    What’s the individual prices for labor on Broadfield cluster, Defi HUD VSD custom setup (like your’s), Broadfield Center vent gauges, Fuel Gauge in center dash. Hopefully I can be the second by the end of march/beginning april… 🙂

  6. Jamie says:

    give me a price and time!!! although

  7. Jamie says:

    and by time I mean time to save up 🙂

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