My Goodness!

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Non Car Related
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I told myself that I was going to reserve the main page for updates and talk about the S13.  But damn, I have to post this on the front page at least for now.  The new Halo Reach multiplayer video in it’s alpha state released yesterday….. beta testing for gamers like me to come on May 3rd:

  1. David says:

    Was a fan of Halo (played on XBC), Halo 2 (was on 1v1 and FFA first page leader boards before they removed them), and Halo 3 (for a little while). The series got progressively worse each game in my option, the first one was and always be hands down the best. It only lacked XBox Live, which is why I played it on XBox Connect. Then I got sucked into Modern Warfare, a much better game, and now Modern Warfare 2. The only thing I like better about Halo vs MW2 is the party and matchmaking systems, other than that I find MW2 better.

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