Posted: March 3, 2010 in Non Car Related
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It’s amazing the number of times I get asked: “How do you keep your interior looking so clean?” or “What product do you use on your dash and interior plastics?”  Well, here is the magical answer…… and most don’t even believe me when I tell them the brand: Snap-On Protect One.  Several years ago Snap-On came out with their own line of detailing products….. soap, quick detail, interior protectant, degreaser etc.  All of the stuff was fine and dandy, but the Protect One was beyond anything else I have ever used.  I am a detailing nut, and a good friend of mine owns a high-end detailing business…. so I have seen and used a LOT of different products.  The Snap-On Protect One, as best as I can describe it, leaves your plastics/vinyls looking rich, non-greasy and looking like it just came off the showroom floor.  So it basically looks new, without all the shine.  However, before you go tracking down the local Snap-On guy, you need to know that it has been discontinued for almost a couple years.  Knowing this, I bought roughly 18 bottles of the stuff before they ran out.  I have actually shipped some of those bottles to various forum members who were willing to spend the loot.  So my stash is pretty much to the point where I am not selling anymore.   I am sure there are still some out there somewhere, but it may be quite the task to track it down.

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