Time For Aero… Well Almost

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Exterior, Toby Broadfield's S13
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I have been going back and forth on aero and have finally decided to pull the trigger.  And I figured if I’m going to do it, I might as well REALLY do it.  So I have decided on Version Select version III.  I think this will really help give me that look I’m going for this year.  Ok, I’m F’n with you.  But I really have been considering OEM Silvia aero for the last three years.  It’s very subtle and will lower the overall body about an inch or a little more.  I have always loved the aero bumper, but naturally I need the skirts and rear valances to complete the package.  The aero bumper is fairly hard to find, especially at a good price.  It seems when I do find one,  it’s either $650 + $150 shipping, or it’s a private classified in Cali.  And Cali guys don’t ship…. period!  The Silvia skirts are almost impossible to find.  I always see the 180sx skirts, but those are not going to cut it.  So I finally found some Silvia skirts and rear valances from a guy on Nico Club that has a business where he imports JDM parts.  Very cool, but I am awaiting a quote for shipping to the US.  I figured I would break the bank(since I just spent my load on wheels) and buy the skirts and valances while they are available.  I’ll just hold onto them until I can source an aero bumper for a fair price, or until I give in , and spend too much on one : )

  1. Cusson says:

    Any pictures of the Silvia aero? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. Are you still running the Work KF’s or did you get something else?

    • broadfield says:

      Yes, the KF’s are on there now. They will obviously be replaced by the 3-piece Meisters I posted earlier in the blog. I should have the new wheels in a month or two. Silvia aero is about as subtle as any aero you will ever see. The side skirts are not even noticeable if you don’t know the S13 body very well. Brendan’s red S13 is a fairly good example….. I can’t even think of many other S13’s that have the actual Silvia skirts. They may have the aero bumper and rear valances, but usually run the 108sx skirts. So here is Brendan’s with the Silvia aero bumper, skirts and rear valances…. all OEM.


  2. Damon says:

    Are you going with &%#$@^.com for the parts, Toby? I had a great experience with them when I bought my kouki 180SX stuff, so that’s why I was curious. They are really good with communication!

    • broadfield says:

      Yep, you are correct. They have what I want at a fairly decent price, but my funds are most likely going to be redirected towards another project….. an no, it has nothing to do with cars : )

  3. I guess I shouldn’t have posted that and given away your source… sorry about that haha. They are great though for sure!

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