Done Deal!

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Toby Broadfield's S13, Wheels-Brakes
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Ordered the wheels today.  I must say it’s really hard to part with that much money just for a set of wheels.  I wanted to use this post to comment on where I bought them from.  I have used Auto RnD in the past with really good luck, so I hit Rishie up again.  I must say he is just like me when it comes to doing business and talking to the customer.  I must of talked with him at least five times at 10 -15 minutes a pop.  He never seemed in a rush to get off the phone and listened to everything I had to say.  He really knows his stuff when it comes to fitment.  I already knew exactly what I wanted as far as sizing, but he confirmed that my purchase was going to fit exactly how I intended.  So my hats off to Rishie for the great customer service.  I am always willing to pay a little more, not that I did, for great service.  Another benefit with Rishie, when special ordering wheels from Japan, is that he ships the wheels air freight to the States.  So he has received wheels as fast as four weeks, compared to the usual three months by slow boat.  So if you are ever in need of some Work Wheels, Volks, Advans etc., please contact Rishie at Auto RnD….. and tell him Toby sent you.

The only thing I don’t know yet is what face disk I can run on the front.  The rears are obviously an O-disk, but the fronts are a little up in the air.  I’m hoping I can run a standard A-disk over the Stoptechs.  My old S1-2P’s were an A-disk, but the face was 1″ diameter bigger than it is on a S1-3P of the same size diameter wheel.  So an L-disk might be the only option.  Basically the 18×9.5 +16 A-disk has a 96mm lip.  Whereas if I have to go to a L-disk face, then I would have to go down to a +10 offset to get that same 96mm lip…… damn big brakes.  Rishie sent over the Stoptech caliper specs to Work of Japan and we are simply waiting on approval of the A-disk.

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